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WINNING Business Radio, hosted by Kevin Hallinan, is a live, weekly broadcast featuring interviews with business owners, executives, advisors and authors who are experts in their fields. We discuss topics including legal, accounting, finance, staffing, growth, transition and M&A and more. Our goal is to provide listeners with proven advice and insights, and to help them avoid the mistakes of others. As Churchill said, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

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Upcoming Guests


Apr 8 - Stefan Frey - Commercial Real Estate Broker, Corporate Tenant Representation, Investments, Development, Principal of Commonwealth Commercial Advisors

Apr 15 - David Luczkow - Sr. Loan Officer with Right Key Mortgage, over 25 year in real estate lending, investment and finance experience, former Wall St Executive

Apr 22 - Mark Dockser - Former CEO, President, COO, Entrepreneur and Board Member who synthesizes innovative technology in the consumer goods space.



Winning Business Radio airs live every Monday at 4 pm Eastern on W4CY.com, and can be heard on iHeart Radio.

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